University of Manitoba Welcoming

Dr. Jeffrey Taylor, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Dr. Warren Cariou

Dr. Jeffrey Taylor, Dean, Faculty of Arts and
Dr. Warren Cariou, Director, Center for Creative Writing and Oral Culture

Many thanks to everyone at the Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture for this wonderful Welcome! Special thanks to Therésa Klaassen and Teddy Zegeye-Gebrehiwot for photography and filming. My story, My Name is Dovie, was my introduction of myself and honoring of my grandmother and those who’ve made me their relative, as well as an honoring of the personal narratives that we all bring to our relations and our stories–written, spoken, sung or filmed. A video of this storytelling event will soon be ready to post, thanks to the generous efforts of Teddy and the Centre. For more information and pictures, please visit the University of Manitoba’s website

Telling "My Name is Dovie"

Telling “My Name is Dovie”

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Welcome to Manitoba! Writer/Storyteller-in-Residence at the Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture

IMG_2120     Folks have asked me to keep in touch here on my website about my next three months in Winnipeg at the University of Manitoba; so here’s the “beginning” of that story.

Must say I appreciated the welcome at Canadian Border Control/Immigration….The Bear, mandatory flag of maple leaf, The BEAR, portrait of QEII, and THE BEAR!!  As I was waiting to get my work permit, I refrained from “selfie” with Bear, but take it as a mighty “sign”…We’ll See….

Week One has been documentation and orientation and acclimation, all eased by generous hospitality of Centre Staff and January “thaw” in the 20s—and that’s Fahrenheit!  Grateful, honored and excited to be here and will try to keep posting as the whole journey unfolds….mitakuye oyasin…

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Voices of the Animal People CD



I am happy to announce the release of Voices of the Animal People: Stories of the First Nations.  It is a two CD set, remastered in 100% green packaging of Lessons from the Animal People and Fireside Tales. So many of you teachers, librarians, parents, and friends have encouraged me to make these favorites available again after they have been out of print. So, I hope you will be glad that I finally listened and they can be purchased here on my website  and at appearances (more distributors to follow; let me know if you are interested.).  I know you will find them helpful in the car on your summer trips and in the classroom this upcoming fall. Thank you so much for including Native stories and cultures in your classrooms and for years of support and encouragement.

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If you would like to order by check, please send payment to PO Box 6351 Harrisburg PA 17112. If you are interested in ordering in bulk (20+) please contact me via email at

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The University of Manitoba Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture have announced their choice for the position of Writer/Storyteller‑in‑Residence for January – March, 2015. In their announcement, they wrote: “

We received thirty intriguing applications from eleven countries and out of this    plenitude the Steering Committee chose Dovie Thomason for the residency. We            were so impressed with your plans for the residency as well as your   extraordinary record of performance, teaching and mentorship.

On campus, Dovie will provide mentorship and practical artistic advice to developing writers and storytellers, give a limited number of readings and/or performances on campus, and lead an informal non-credit workshop.  Her remaining time will be devoted to her own artistic projects, recordings, writings and collaborations.

The Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture is an interdisciplinary centre with a mandate to promote the creation and the study of the verbal arts, both oral and written.  Located at the University of Manitoba in the city of Winnipeg, the Centre sponsors readings, lectures, master classes and creative community projects that explore the connections between oral and written culture.  Winnipeg is renowned for its vibrant arts community and its multicultural citizenry, including the largest urban population of Indigenous people in North America.  The Centre builds upon these local cultural strengths as a basis for its creative and critical work.

This extraordinary honor for Dovie was supported by First Nations artists in Winnipeg and storytelling and academic colleagues from the U.S. and overseas.  “My deep gratitude for the creative support so generously offered and the opportunity of a lifetime to “sit” with some projects that have been impatiently waiting as I’ve toured for so many years.” (says Dovie, still incredulous, and somewhat daunted by winter temperatures as cold as Mars!  Should be some interesting blogs this time next year…..)

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A Night at the Provincetown Playhouse


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Premiering an original story: “How the West was Spun”


In 1887, eleven years after the Greasy Grass/Little Bighorn, Buffalo Bill Cody, with over 100 Indians (many veterans of that battle), as many horses, and 20 buffalo, gave two command performances for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in London. It was the international premiere of “America’s National Entertainment”, reenacting Custer’s End and other “scenes of the Western wilderness”….It’s part of the American Myth…

On July 19, 2013, this “Indian” is taking her story of that story back to England (a year late for QEII’s Diamond Jubilee) for it’s international premiere!! It’s called “How the West Was Spun” and you can catch it at the Festival at the Edge


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Following me is about to get easier (maybe that sounded a little creepy)

I’ve heard you, even though you may not have heard from me, and we have come to a consensus (thought I should let you know).  My old website makes it hard to get in touch with me. It’s been making decisions with which I do not agree (remember HAL-2001: A Space Odyssey… just sayin’…). Seems it is in some post recession denial/nostalgia and will not leave 2008. So… TIME TO MOVE ON!

In case the old website ( finds out it is about to be replaced, I will be hiding out here, waiting for the new construction to wrap up. I will let you know about Moving Day both here on WordPress and on Facebook. ‘Till then, thanks for your interest and remarkable perseverance. If it wasn’t for all of you, I’d be talking to myself! 

In the meantime you can reach me at 

or old style: 

PO Box 6351

Harrisburg, PA 17112

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