University of Manitoba Welcoming

Dr. Jeffrey Taylor, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Dr. Warren Cariou

Dr. Jeffrey Taylor, Dean, Faculty of Arts and
Dr. Warren Cariou, Director, Center for Creative Writing and Oral Culture

Many thanks to everyone at the Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture for this wonderful Welcome! Special thanks to Therésa Klaassen and Teddy Zegeye-Gebrehiwot for photography and filming. My story, My Name is Dovie, was my introduction of myself and honoring of my grandmother and those who’ve made me their relative, as well as an honoring of the personal narratives that we all bring to our relations and our stories–written, spoken, sung or filmed. A video of this storytelling event will soon be ready to post, thanks to the generous efforts of Teddy and the Centre. For more information and pictures, please visit the University of Manitoba’s website

Telling "My Name is Dovie"

Telling “My Name is Dovie”

About dovie814

I love a storyteller and a human an indigenous woman of the First Nations of what is now called North America. We have always celebrated those who love words and string them into stories for the good of the people, for the good of the land, to honor those who came before us and to honor our relationships with all who live together on this land (or in the sea...or in the sky...)
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2 Responses to University of Manitoba Welcoming

  1. Hi Dovie,
    About twelve years ago I met you on Cape Clear Island at the Storytelling Festival (Twice) and in UCC Cork with Pat Speight a couple of times. You were never that fond of the ferry over or back,
    I gave you a shiatsu massage on the Island for your jet lag. I have always loved your stories, and have great admiration for you skill. You bring a profound wisdom to the table and I have been lucky to see and experience the healing shamanic medicine woman style of your storytelling at the festival.
    Pat was my storytelling teacher, we were both in the UCC classes for Folklore and Ethnology.
    He is an exceptional storyteller as well. You are both different but you both bring so much to the table of storytelling. 🙂 I remember showing you some sword techniques on the Island, I compared you to Xena looks wise. I know you meet thousands so I am not expecting to be remembered but you definitely left an impression on me with the wealth of knowledge you imparted in your stories and the fantastic craftsmanship of your storytelling. You walk the spiritual path with practical feet,
    It was an honour to meet you which I have Pat the Hat to thank for.

    Slainte – Good Health
    Agus Beannacht Bi – And Blessed Be


    • dovie814 says:

      Hello, Brian…
      Remember you? Indeed, so very well! Hard to forget a mind-grounding shiatsu-save AND sword moves on Cape! Also, remember you as an avid and articulate believer in the power of traditional stories so, it was always great to have you among the listeners. Have looked for you in the community centre every time I’ve been back to Cape and hope to see your face there, or somewhere, sometime again. May all be truth and mystery for you on the path you’ve chosen. Mitakuye oyasin, we are all relations. Dovie

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