Voices of the Animal People CD



I am happy to announce the release of Voices of the Animal People: Stories of the First Nations.  It is a two CD set, remastered in 100% green packaging of Lessons from the Animal People and Fireside Tales. So many of you teachers, librarians, parents, and friends have encouraged me to make these favorites available again after they have been out of print. So, I hope you will be glad that I finally listened and they can be purchased here on my website  and at appearances (more distributors to follow; let me know if you are interested.).  I know you will find them helpful in the car on your summer trips and in the classroom this upcoming fall. Thank you so much for including Native stories and cultures in your classrooms and for years of support and encouragement.

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If you would like to order by check, please send payment to PO Box 6351 Harrisburg PA 17112. If you are interested in ordering in bulk (20+) please contact me via email at dovie.story@gmail.com

About dovie814

I love language...as a storyteller and author...as a human being...as an indigenous woman of the First Nations of what is now called North America. We have always celebrated those who love words and string them into stories for the good of the people, for the good of the land, to honor those who came before us and to honor our relationships with all who live together on this land (or in the sea...or in the sky...)
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