Premiering an original story: “How the West was Spun”


In 1887, eleven years after the Greasy Grass/Little Bighorn, Buffalo Bill Cody, with over 100 Indians (many veterans of that battle), as many horses, and 20 buffalo, gave two command performances for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in London. It was the international premiere of “America’s National Entertainment”, reenacting Custer’s End and other “scenes of the Western wilderness”….It’s part of the American Myth…

On July 19, 2013, this “Indian” is taking her story of that story back to England (a year late for QEII’s Diamond Jubilee) for it’s international premiere!! It’s called “How the West Was Spun” and you can catch it at the Festival at the Edge


About dovie814

I love a storyteller and a human an indigenous woman of the First Nations of what is now called North America. We have always celebrated those who love words and string them into stories for the good of the people, for the good of the land, to honor those who came before us and to honor our relationships with all who live together on this land (or in the sea...or in the sky...)
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